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Location for Group Classes

What you will need for your Online Yoga Session

Location for Group Classes


My house to your house

Group Classes and Workshops are now being held ONLINE on ZOOM until further notice during   the current Coronavirus  health crisis.

Personalised 1-1 sessions can also be held online on either ZOOM or SKYPE

Hopefully we will be back to our  normal locations by the end of the summer in Prestwood Village Hall and the Holy Trinity Church Prestwood

Preparing for Class

What you will need for your Online Yoga Session

Location for Group Classes


Please try not to eat  anything heavy  1-2 hours before attending class. Digestion and Yoga do not bode well together.

 Wear something comfotable to  move in (leggings/joggers and t-shirt are ideal) 

Please arrive in the online waiting room  at least a few minutes before class starts to get yourself settled and  avoid disruption

Please let me know if you have any new conditions  that may affect your safety whilst practicing 

What you will need for your Online Yoga Session

What you will need for your Online Yoga Session

What you will need for your Online Yoga Session


Your lovely self :)

A yoga mat or large towel and a quiet space to practice. 

A blanket, pillow  

a warm top and socks for our relaxation at the end. This is also useful to protect sensitive knees/backs when on the floor.

For restorative yoga props (blocks, eye pillows, belts, bolsters  etc) can be substituted at home with pillows, ties or dressing gown belts, blankets, large book and a scarf. 

The more comfortable  & cosy you make yourself the better


Complimentary Offerings

What you will need for your Online Yoga Session


5  Week Pass £45 

(£9 per week)  


10 Week  Pass £80 

(£8 per week)  

Drop in weekly cost  £11

all expiry dates are extended to Dec 2020

Payment can be made  by passport credit or  by bank transfer in advance.                    Please contact me by email or text for bank details

07495 821089

1-1  Personalised Yoga Tuition and  Therapy  sessions available

normally £55 per hour

Current  Online Offers


£40 per single  session

£99 for 3 sessions 

inc free consultation and home practice pdf

£150 for 5 sessions inc free consultation and home practice pdf

How it Works

Complimentary Offerings

Complimentary Offerings


Classes will be held online on  ZOOM each week.  

Its easy to use I promise.

You can download the app on your phone or just register for free at

1 class pass credit or one payment will give you access to any or all of the  current weeks group classes


i.e. if you have a 10 class pass which you paid £80 for then 1 credit (cost £8) will give you access to all classes that week

The class schedule is subject to change but I will try to keep it the same each week.

You only make one payment or credit and you let me know which classes you would like to attend that week by email.

I will then email you a link and a password for each class.

 Log in a few minutes  before class starts, wait in the waiting room and the meeting will start at the scheduled time.

You will see me in my home studio on your screen and I will be able to see you if your video is on. 

Other family members including dogs and cats are welcome to use your  space and practice with you.

I am happy to do a 5/10 minutes trial run with anyone  beforehand if you are feeling unsure.

Please just ask

Complimentary Offerings

Complimentary Offerings

Complimentary Offerings



For the foreseeable future I will be sending daily or bi-daily emails to everyone on the subscriber list with information on  Yoga practices, breathing practices, meditation and health and wellness advice to help you navigate the next few challenging months.

If you know of anyone else in your family or friend circle that you feel would benefit from this information, they can subscribe below or can drop me a message to be added. 


On the advice of my daughter who has 3 small children 

I will also be offering a practice aimed at children with  10 minute yoga and breathing  sessions each week day  on instagram stories which the whole family can join in to.  

You can find me on instagram


This will happen Mondays to Fridays and each post will be accessible for 24 hours.

This is aimed at reducing worry,  tension and anxiety for our little people in a fun and relaxed way. 

 Please spread the word as I feel this is really important.

If you are someone who is feeling overwhelmed and struggling to cope or you know someone who is and  would benefit from yoga and breathing  but really can't afford the weekly cost please contact  me directly.


"In the current crisis your inspirational daily emails have been a godsend and I am loving the online classes and being able to practice so many times a week for the cost of one class has been amazing. Thank you so much Sandi"


  "Thank you so much  Sandi for such a fantastic class last night, I just loved it. 

The pace of the class is perfect with just the right amount of emphasis on technique and alignment. I love the long relaxation at the end. Its amazing how it calms and soothes both  my body and mind.  Its great to find a teacher  who i really resonate with"



Thank you for providing such a safe, non judgmental space where I can come and learn and practice yoga. I’ve never felt entirely comfortable at any of the other yoga classes I’ve tried but I really like coming to your class. I think as the week goes on, I forget how much I enjoy it, but after every lesson I feel restored and completely back to myself.


These last few weeks coming to your yoga classes  has made such a difference to my life.

I feel more relaxed and less tense. 

The breathing techniques  have enabled me to control stressful situations that arise and I sleep so well on Monday nights.

Thank you so much x


Living alone and being self-isolated  this last week has been so challenging and lonely. Thank you for creating this wonderful community, emails and fabulous online classes and the feeling that actually  that everything will be ok. 

I always loved your classes but now your yoga has actually been a lifesaver to me.



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