Friendly Community online Yoga, Meditation & Breath work

Hi I'm Sandi

 Founder of Yogabons, I am a fully qualified and insured  Yoga Alliance  Certified Yoga Teacher and Minded  Yoga Therapist. 

I am the  Eternal Yoga student..... Daughter, Wife, Mumma and Nanna of 3 and a half gorgeous human beings  and one furry canine being.

Loving life and dealing with all that mid-life brings including  crazy hormonal moments!!

My yoga journey began in 1992 when I was pregnant with my first born daughter.  Yoga was a fabulous  way to stretch, breathe and relax and I found it invaluable throughout my 2 pregnancies and thereafter.

I  lived in Suffolk and ran a family business. I was the Finance Director but  I also  trained and qualified in various holistic therapies including Body Massage, Indian Head Massage, Hopi Ear Candling, Advanced facial treatments, Reflexology and Marma Therapy.  

In 2010  during a particularly stressful and challenging time in my life in which I struggled with associated mental health challenges. 

Yoga came to my rescue and it soon became a essential part of my physical and mental well-being. 

On a week long yoga retreat,during daily practices  with a amazing teacher called Sarah, I felt a dramatic mental shift and something wonderful ignited within me.

It was a profound experience and one that completely turned my life around. I would go as far to say it saved my life. A bit dramatic i know, but its entirely how i felt. 

I came back to the UK determined to find a teacher  and a class that could inspire me like Sarah wasn't easy. It took months of going to different classes until I finally found a lovely teacher  Kari Knight. 

Her yoga classes were a great mix of Physical postures (Asana), Breathing techniques (Pranayama) Meditation  and Yoga philosophy which took me forward to another level with my yoga  practice.

 I would go to class at least twice a week often stressed, emotional and full of anxiety and after class felt recharged, renewed and relaxed. My appetite to learn more about this ancient practice of yoga was insatiable.

My journey was ever evolving and in   2012 i undertook a foundation course in Yoga which then led on to me  qualifying as a  Yoga Alliance 200 hour teacher  with  Camyoga in Cambridge. 

I met so many  inspiring people throughout my training and I was thrilled when I qualified aged 44. It was proof that if you have a dream or a goal its always possible whatever your age or circumstances. 

In 2015 I moved to Buckinghamshire to be with my then new husband Richard and it was then I decided to start my new business  Yogabons. A new start all round!

 Its been quite a journey with the normal ups and downs  of starting a new venture especially with the challenges of starting over in a brand new area.  With hard work and persistence this has resulted in  a community of lovely people who come and share in this wonderful  practice of yoga  each week.

 My hope and vision  is that I can encourage anybody to try yoga  including those that might not normally come and join classes.

My journey and training continues and i always  now ensure that  I take time out each year to retreat for at least a week or two and  attend yoga trainings and workshops. 

During these last  few years I have embarked on  additional yoga  training including 

  • Apple Yoga Pre and Post Natal Training (85hrs) with Baby Yoga and Massage in 2015
  • Yogabeez Childrens Yoga 2015
  • Super Sleep Yoga for Insomnia (4 days) with Lisa Sanfilippo in 2016
  • Laxmi 200 hour Teacher Training with Sally Parkes in 2017 
  • Yoga in Healthcare Alliance  Yoga 4 Health Programme. (5 days) in 2018
  • First Aid for Yoga Teachers 2018
  • Transcendental Meditation Course in Rishikesh, India March 2019

            plus many other  yoga workshops and CPD trainings.

My yoga journey continues onward and I am currently in my second year of the incredible Minded Institute 550 hour yoga  2 year masters degree therapy course.  

The extensive and thorough  training  received on this course enables  me to offer Yoga Therapy for a variety of chronic and psychological conditions with evidence based therapies .

 The Minded Institute is a world leader in the development and implementation of yoga therapy and mindfulness programmes for those with mental health and chronic physical health problems.

Last year as a gift to myself for my 50th I realised a long term  dream and embarked on a yoga  retreat and training  in Rishikesh , India  which is the Yoga capital of the world   as part of my therapy training and research. It was a incredible and amazing adventure and i have returned with  knowledge and insight  which will be a invaluable part of my  classes and individual  client sessions.

I truly believe  regular yoga practice is a invaluable tool towards a happy and healthy life for all and it is my passion to share this knowledge and practice with as many lovely people as I can.

 In this ever stressful and fast moving world it is so important that we take time to self care and look after our own well being.

Yoga is a perfect way to work towards this as it not only affects the physical body but can have a dramatic effect on your mental  and spiritual well being.

If you have been thinking about joining a yoga  class but still have reservations I am happy to discuss any questions or concerns  you may have.

My classes are open to all in the community and modifications can always be offered. There is no requirements to be flexible or to be a certain shape or have a particular level of fitness, I promise you.

If you prefer  I  also offer 1-1 yoga  sessions and therapy  in my home studio space in Prestwood  by appointment.

I look forward to meeting you soon.


Sandi x